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      Guangzhou LEDO Electronic Co.,Ltd > Case > 2 in 1 Led headlight Canbus Wiring Successful Innovation

      2 in 1 Led headlight Canbus Wiring Successful Innovation

      1,641 Published by Ava 07 30,2018

      Many customers have left a message on our website and Facebook, saying that they met some Canbus problems when upgrading led headlight in the cars, such as BMW Mini Copper, Dodge RAM, some of Chevy models. And they tried to fix the problem by decoder or resistor, Some were successful, some failed.

      This issue has attracted our attention, we began to think, if we make a product with built-in resistor and decoder, and integrated the intelligent IC and capacitance, can it increase the success rate on dealing with Canbus issue?

      After months of research and development, the 2in1 led headlight mate was released at the beginning of 2018. Our cooperative clients have been selling it for several months. They tell us there are fewer product complaints about led headlight canbus issue now.

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