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      Guangzhou LEDO Electronic Co.,Ltd > Case > 6V Start-Up LED Headlight, Functional Integration of 12V LED Headlight and 6V LED DRL

      6V Start-Up LED Headlight, Functional Integration of 12V LED Headlight and 6V LED DRL

      1,534 Published by Ava 07 30,2018

      Before developing the led headlight with 6V DRL technology, we have received many of our customers complain, saying our LED headlight product did not meet their market’s requirement. The headlights in the car are also used as DRL when they replace with our LED headlight bulb, the function of DRL disappeared.

      led drl lights

      When collecting customer feedbacks, we found that the issue has mainly occurred in the Canada market. We started collecting the data and information on Canada headlight market. In fact, the headlight was functioned as DRL in a 6V, and in 12V it is for headlight usage, many Canada vehicles have such headlight and DRL integrated. Compared to our LED headlight, the start operating voltage is 9V, it can not work under 6V.

      To solve out this problem for Canada market, we have discussed with lots of IC solution company, finally customized a 6V IC driver after many times of cooperative development and testing. We launched the V6 LED HEADLIGHT which includes 6V headlight and DRL functions, especially for Canada market. This new V6 LED HEADLIGHT successfully works out the problem. It is now recognized by customers in the Canadian market and the product feedback is satisfied by customers.

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