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      Privacy Policy

      GUANGZHOU LEDO ELECTRONIC CO., LIMITED is engaged in (automotive led lights business). We attach the utmost importance to the security of customer and supplier information. This page sets forth our policies with respect to the protection of personal information.


      1. Compliance with Laws and Other Regulations

      We comply with all national laws and policies and other regulations relating to the protection of personal information.


      1. Establishment and Continuous Enhancement of Personal Information Handling Guidelines

      The need to protect personal information is thoroughly promulgated throughout the company, from directors down to the most junior employees. We maintain and follow guidelines for the proper protection and use of personal information. We also strive to improve these guidelines on a continuing basis.


      1. Acquisition, Use and Release of Personal Information

      We clearly define the uses to which personal information can be put. Within these constraints, we acquire, use and release personal information only with the consent of the individual concerned.


      1. Secure Management

      We strive to maintain secure management of personal information and have established the necessary measures to prevent unauthorized data access, loss, destruction, alteration or leaking.


      1. Disclosure and Correction

      Requests for disclosure, editing or deletion of personal information shall be responded to on a case by case basis pending confirmation of the identity of the requestor.

      *Please direct any queries concerning personal data to GUANGZHOU LEDO ELECTRONIC CO., LIMITED General Affairs Division.