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      Guangzhou LEDO Electronic Co.,Ltd > Product > Automotive Led Light Bulbs > Six Shot Led > Led Bulb T15 12v/24v Replacement Kit for Auto

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      Led Bulb T15 12v/24v Replacement Kit for Auto

      Product Specification:

      • Item No. BW1T1506S3335-CCNW
      • LED Quantity 6*3030SMD
      • Voltage 9-30V
      • Current 400±10mA @12V
      • Color White, Amber, Red
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      #1 Optical PC Dome
      – protection against dust and moisture
      – high heat resistance
      The bulb body design with an optical PC dome, protect the led chip from dust and moisture, light on the road effectively.


      #2 LEDs on Copper-Film Flexible Printed Circuit
      – better heat transfer
      – stable electric performance
      Copper-film flexible printed circuit provides better heat dissipation for led chips, stable lifespan and electric performance, avoid burning bulb body.


      #3 Solid Aluminum Shell
      – forceful style modeling
      – easier installation
      Special solid aluminum shell, easier to install with durable style modeling, that would not be damaged easier while installation.


      Led Bulb T15Led Bulb T15Led Bulb T15Led Bulb T15Led Bulb T15

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